Bed Trays
On The Big Screen

     From the very beginning of the movie industry until present day the bed tray has been seen in hundreds of movies.  The men and women of the big screen are often seen being pampered in their grand beds by doting servants.  Picture the leading lady in her beautiful gown looking so fragile and unable to serve her self. In walks the maid, she has in her arms a simple bed tray filled with all the treats we expect to see early in the morning.  "Breakfast madam" might be the line we would expect the maid to say.  It seemed that the starlet was never hungry and insisted on the removal of the tray at once.  We cringed as we saw all those tempting breads and steaming cups of something wonderful being taken away.

   A beautiful white tray was seen in the movie "Paper Moon" Madeline Kahn seemed to enjoy her breakfast in bed while she discussed "bone structure" with  Tatum O'Neal.

    A similar white tray and matching black tray were seen in a famous his and hers breakfast scene on the "The Untouchables "  Such care and artistry was taken in the filming of the scenes involved with the trays. Two servants were needed as one white tray was carried for the madam and one black tray for the gentleman.  Each tray was adorned with their special array  of beverage and pastry. They were placed on separate his and her beds.

    In the movie  "Bringing Up Baby "  Katherine Hepburn enjoyed a meal in bed on a similar bed tray as she and Cary Grant bantered over something silly.

In 2010 "Its complicated"  with Meryl Streep and Steve Martin two of our trays were used.

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