Bed Trays
In The Media

    The bed tray has always been a popular accessory used in many photo shoots in magazines and newspapers.  A bed tray seems to evoke a note of leisure and elegance.  It's always a good choice to include something in the photo which with out a great deal of fanfare creates a soothing mood.  Just like a fresh drawn, steaming, bubble bath summons the body to a relaxing soaking session ,so does the bed tray summon our senses to a time of enjoying two great pleasures at once: eating and resting in bed.



   The images we see in our most popular magazines are carefully arranged with a plethora of interesting items which by them selves are unimpressive but brought together create a completed work of art.   Special care is always given to placement and light. Spots of color at just the right places lends to the image as a whole.  The one similarity of these images is the focus of the bed trays.  Each tray is often populated with complex food preparations or the simplest slice of fresh fruit.  The style of trays selected varies greatly in color and configuration.  There are wood trays and plastic trays and metal trays of  every  size and shape.  The bed trays are almost always pictured on a bed with elegant linens and quilts which completes the picture.

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