Bed Trays
An Artist's  Pallet

A popular item for artists are the wide variety of bed trays. You will see many types of art portrayed on trays. Some are painted with elaborate scenes and some have simple floral designs.  The white trays seem the most desirable ones as they show the pictures well.  From professionals to amateurs painting on a bed tray can be a challenge.  Unlike the fixed pallet the trays have many shapes and configurations that require imagination to complete.  The favorites seem to be flora patterns.  There are some examples of different effects artists have tried to create.  A crackle painted finish is interesting.  A well used look is an art in itself. This look is referred to as "shabby chic" and is at present quite in fashion.  This can be accomplished by first painting the tray what ever color you wish.  Then lightly sanding or rubbing the places you think would get the most wear over time, like edges, corners etc.  You can turn a new tray into an antique in just minutes. 

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