Bed Trays
A brief history

  From the days long ago, when Eve first served Adam that tainted fruit  in bed, until today when the modern Mr. or Mrs. gets served a microwave pastry and coffee.... the bed tray has been a much used service tool.  Eve may have used a flat rock or u shaped tree limb, but today we have a wide variety of bed trays available to us. Bed trays or as some people might call them breakfast trays, tray tables, bed tables are made of fine woods, wicker, bamboo, plastic and some metals. They come decorated with every imaginable color, shape and size.  Some are simple others complex with many parts.  Several bed trays fold to stow away others are put out on display for their beauty. 
    Here you will find more facts, figures and miscellaneous information on bed trays than you may ever need  to know. None the less we have compiled as much information on bed trays in one site as is possible.  You will find information on where to buy a bed tray or how best to use one.  You will find information on all the various types of materials and construction methods that have been used to create that simple table for eating in bed.  You can see many of the ways in which magazines and movies have portrayed the bed tray, and most important once you get a bed tray for yourself, you can find out how best to present those tempting edible creations to those you love while they relax in bed.

dark oak tray with side pockets

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